Refund Policy

HTSGLA membership is annual, from January 1st through December 31st. You may join at any time of the year. Please be advised that membership fees are not pro-rated and non-refundable.


Upon receipt of the course/conference/webinar registration form and fee by HTSGLA it becomes subject to the cancellation policy
guidelines fees as follows:
• 75% refund 15 days or more prior to date of course/conference/webinar.
• 50% refund 14-8 days prior to date of course/conference/webinar.
• No refund 7 days or less prior to date of course/conference/webinar.
• No refunds will be credited to future HTSGLA course/conference/webinar.
• No prorated refunds will be given for partial attendance.
It is the responsibility of the registrant who must cancel to notify HTSGLA. Cancellation notice will only be
accepted in writing, e-mail to: [email protected] 

Posting date determines the refund criteria as outlined above.
Registrants who find they will need to cancel will be given an opportunity to designate a substitute and avoid
cancellation fees. In the event a waiting list has been compiled, the next member on the list will be designated to fill the vacated position. If no waiting list exists, HTSGLA may assist in filling the position but will not be obligated to do so. It is the canceling registrant’s responsibility to find a substitute and to notify of the change to avoid cancellation fees. Please notify HTSGLA in writing (via e-mail) of selected substitution.


Refunds (including checks) will be issued no later than 10 business days after the course/conference/webinar has been held.


A waiting list will be compiled when capacity registration has been reached for a course/conference/Webinar. Electronic registration time stamp will be utilized to determine position on the waiting list. Participants will be notified via e-mail on waiting list status. Response to HTSGLA's waiting list e-mail is required within 48 hours specifying on waiting list preference. In the case which HTSGLA did not receive a response from participant within 48 hours, a full refund will be initiated and waiting list status will be removed. When multiple registrations are received with the same time stamp, active members will be given first priority over new and non-members. Participants who did not receive course/conference/webinar confirmation.

* HTSGLA reserves the right to cancel a course/conference/webinar with full refund to the participants at any time without additional liability for costs to participants.

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